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Otus Advanced Assessments – Camp Otus

Camp Otus is an opportunity to learn more about a series of features in Otus over a 5-week period.…

Top 20 Cakes Social Handles To Follow

Updated On July 5, 2022 by Flash Isaac If you’re a baker or cake lover searching for cake handles…

Mental Health Volunteering: An Student’s Review

Rosie talks about her own personal experience as a volunteer with a crisis line. She further discusses some of…

7 Types of Insurance For Your Business

Updated On July 4, 2022 by Flash Isaac Insurance is simply security against risks. I have stressed over time…

Top 7 Importance of Insurance in 2022

Updated On July 3, 2022 by Flash Isaac Insurance is a very important aid to trade. It is a method…

Top 20 Safari Extensions For Bloggers In 2022

Top 20 Safari Extensions For Bloggers And Programmers. One of the factors bloggers consider when deciding between Google Chrome,…

How To Keep Your Health Insurance In 2022

Updated On July 1, 2022 by Flash Isaac Transitioning away from an employer-sponsored health plan? You may find that…

7 Principles of Insurance Contracts

Understanding how insurance contracts work can be very beneficial when you are deciding if you need a lawyer after a…

9 Lessons To Learn From Jeff Bezos In 2022

Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $134.6 billion, as of June 2022 (Google Search). As the originator and…

What’s New in Otus? | May 2022

At Otus, we are constantly listening to and acting on feedback from educators. What’s New in Otus? is an…

Using Otus Recognitions for Positive Reinforcement featuring Elizabeth Ofori from P.S. 150 Christopher School

Join Elizabeth Ofori from P.S. 150 Christopher School in New York City for an Otus Live PD session on…

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