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51 Fun Haiku Poems for Kids of All Ages

Written in a 5/7/5 syllable count, traditional Japanese haiku are three-line poems dating back to the 13th century. Often…

45 TED Talks That Will Intrigue, Encourage, and Inspire Your Students

By now, you probably know about TED, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing important ideas through brief, impactful talks.…

70 Must-Share Poems for Your Elementary Classroom

Poetry is the gateway to getting even your most word-resistant students to fall in love with words. There is…

33 Ocean Activities, Experiments, and Crafts for Kids To Dive Into

Have you ever watched as a child stares into an aquarium with awe? Whether it is the song “Baby…

42 Crafts and Activities That Utilize Upcycled Materials

Earth Day is fast approaching (April 22), though there really is never a bad time to celebrate Mother Earth.…

31 Galactic Solar System Projects for Kids

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who isn’t drawn to space exploration. The solar system is filled with…

In Defense Of Absolute Literacy

by Terry Heick Literacy, roughly put, is the ability to read and write. Implied in those two skills is…

Why April Is Autism Acceptance Month, Not Autism Awareness Month

April is known for spring, flowers, and Autism Acceptance Month. This April, autism rights groups are asking schools and…

50 Best Short Stories for High School Students

If there is one thing that my students and I share, it’s our love for short stories. High school…

The 12 Best Education Apps For Android

Mobile learning. Tablets in the classroom. Apps replacing textbooks. Apple may have started the craze, but the trend is…

9 Ways To Support Students During Ramadan

In 2023, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan runs from March 22 to April 21, so class will be…
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